Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

Plastic bag are quite popular because these are light weight and thus easy to carry.besides, unlike cloth or paper bags, we don’t even require purchasing these as we go shopping. These are economical and thus given freely by the shopkeepers on the purchase of goods. It is because of all these reasons that plastic bags are preferred by both shopkeepers and shoppers.however, we need to look beyond momentary convenience and see the bigger picture.

Problems Caused By Plastic Bags

Here are some of the problems caused by plastic bag:

Non Biodegradable:

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable.thus, disposing them of is the biggest challenge. They break down in to small particles and enter the soil and water bodies however they do not decompose. They remain in the soil and water for hundreds of years and release toxic chemicals thereby damaging our beautiful planet.

Deterioration of Environment:

They are destroying the nature owing to their harmful effect. Plastic bags have become a major cause of land pollution today. The waste plastic bags are thrown in to the landfills where they take almost around 500 years to decompose. These bags are light in weight and are easily carried by the wind to places far and wide. The litter caused by them on the land and landfills cause land pollution. The plastic bags that enter the water bodies are a major cause of the water pollutions. These are thus deteriorating our environment in every possible way.

Harmful For Marine Creature and Animals:

Animals and marine creatures consume plastic particles along with their food. Plastic cannot be digested and thus gets trapped in their intestines. Large amount of plastic is accumulated in the intestines of various animals and sea creatures and results in serious health problems in them.sometimes, animals gulp the entire plastic bag by mistake. This gets stuck in their throat or intestines and chokes them to death.sea turtles are especially known to have the entire plastic bag in one go mistaking it for jelly fish. Research shows that waste plastic bags have been a major cause of untimely animal deaths.

Cause of Illness in Humans:

The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals that can cause serious illness among those involved in their production. Food packed in plastic bags can also cause health hazards.besides, as mentioned above waste plastic bag cause environmental pollution. A polluted environment is a major cause of various diseases caught by the human beings.

Clogged Sewage:

Waste plastic bags often run down with water or are blown by the wind and get trapped in the drains and sewers. Clogged sewers and drains can be a threat to the human beings as well as animals especially during rains. The water gets accumulated as the drains are blocked because of plastic bags. This can results in flood like situation and disrupt the normal life of people.


We need to understand the problems being caused by the easy-to-carry plastic bags and stop their use. It is time our government should take some strict measures to ban plastic bags. In personal life I used more plastic bags but I don’t think about to more creatures alive in universe. So I indirectly reach to harmfully effect in society. So I tell everybody please skip the plastic bags uses and clean the around us also universe.

                                                                                               Er.swarupananda sahoo    

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