How to take care of your skin during winters?

How to take care of your skin during winters?


You know winters have come when your skin starts behaving rough and dry. The only things we need from our skin are for them to cooperate during all seasons and especially during the winters. What is it that we don’t do in order to keep our skin moisturized? From facial routines Inexpensive Beauty parlors to drinking gallons of water to buying expensive cosmetic.
Let’s tell you a secret: women with amazing and spotless skin aren’t just lucky, they work for it more than you think.yes, it is true that if you take care of your skin doing the right steps, it is going to show on your skin. The problem is that your skin gets awfully dry during the winters, especially if you live on a higher altitude. Fret not, with just a couple of step in a winter skincare routine, you are going to get it straight.
However, sometimes you need to make sure that you are doing things in the right order to start seeing a significant difference in your skin. Let us help you with the case and tell you how to take care of your skin during winters!

1. Don’t Wash Your Face With Hot Water:

Let’s start with what you have been doing wrong all this time during winters. If you have a dry skin type then you should never use hot water to wash youe face.instead, mix a little bit of hot water to a good amount of cold water to make it lukewarm and then use it to wash your face’s know it is a pretty tough deal during winters but it is really important to retain moisture in your skin as hot water does the job of dehydrating your skin.
Pore tightening helps your skin to lock the moisture without accumulating any dirt or grease on your skin. Washing your skin with cold water makes sure that your pores remain tightened.

2. Steer Clear Of Products with Water Based Solution:

Be in a habit to keep an eye on the ingredient list of the drugstore products that you use for your skin. During winters, it is the best idea to use oil-based moisturizers and body lotion rather than water-based products as they help your skin to stay moisturized for a much longer duration.also, it would be great if you stick to organic products as they are free from petroleum (a skin drying agent).

3. Exfoliation is Important:

We all get dry patches on your skin during winters. Fret not, it is easy to even out those dry patches and turn them in to a smooth and supple skin. All you need to do is to exfoliate your face and other parts of your body at most twice a week.however, be sure not to over-exfoliate as your skin might break out to excess exfoliation.
On exfoliation, your pores remove all the dirty/grease that they had accumulated previously and it helps your skin to stey clear. Considering the first point, make sure that you only use likewarm (if not cold) water to splash on your face before exfoliating it.
Tip: if you are not an oily skin type person, you can mix some sugar and coffee in a little of coconut oil and massage it on your skin to exfoliate it naturally.

4. Use a Moisturizer after Cleaning your Face:

If the drugstore moisturizers are getting rough on your pockets then you can always use home remedies but make sure that you always follow the step of”moisturization of face” after cleaning it with a face wash.
You cam massage a little amount of castor oil on your face to thoroughly moisturize it.
Optionally, you can use aloe Vera gel which is one of the best natural moisturizers. If you have blemishes or tiny spots on your face, you can also add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil in the aloe Vera gel and massage it on your facial skin.

5. Apply sun Block:

It is a myth not to you uses a sunscreen during winters. let us tell you the catch: you get to spend more time out in the sun during winters as you enjoy the warmth of the sun in that chilly season due to which your skin gets over-exposed to the scorching heat of the sun which leads to uneven tanning and dullness of skin. Make sure that you use sun block of good materials even in winters.
We know that it gets pretty tough sometimes to follow All the step in this chilly weather and we all skip many of the steps and call it a day.however, your skin needs a proper care to behave nicely! Make sure you give it back to your skin.

Here are some other tips for you:

1. Drink plenty of water before hitting the hay.
2. Donot exposes your skin in artificial heat such as blower/heater.
3. Use lots of DIY masks.
                                                                                                                   ER.Swarupananda sahoo
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