how to protect your mental and physical wellness at work

How to protect your mental and physical wellness at work.

They say, work hard, party harder, and rule the world. it is true that working harder than we can make us satisfied and we get to sleep better after a super productive day.however,at times being over-productive takes a toll on our mind.moreover,if your job requires more desk work, you get to move very little which takes a toll on your mental health as well.
Just so you know, your mind and body are winded up with each other and co-ordinates well. Just by taking care of one, the others wellness would be ensured. If you are not a morning person, chaces are, you are not going to like the idea of getting up early in the morning and do a little stretching.donot worry; it is not tough; only the idea of it is scary. In this articils,we are going to let you know top tips that will ensure that you stay mentally as well as physically week all day long(and even while you are working) and to know how to actually protect mental and physical health at work.
Physical health:

1. Stretch up a little in the morning:

We all can manage to give 5 minutes in the morning before we take a shower to stretch a little. Just with those 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning, you can make up for the 9 to 5 sitting.ideally, make a schedule and stick to it for at least 21 days; after 21 days, it will become an integral part of your lifestyle.
Please follow the rule is given below (daily)
.1 minutes sets of bodyweight squats.
. Pushups
.3 minutes running.
2. Eat right.

If you are living independently, chances are that you are completely wrecking your food lifestyle. You don’t eat at all or you eat all junk-bothways, it is not so healthy for your body.
Your diet should include at least one fruit of your choice in the morning, green leafy vegetable in your lunch, and a light dinner followed by milk.try to cut down on coffee and stick to milk as it gives strength to your bones. Eating junk food can lower down your energy level and you feel like sleeping even when you have had a good sleep last night
3. Sleep better:

We know that you want to relax in your bed, watch your favorites TV series for the entire night while munching on some popcorn but trust me, it is better if you leave your weekends foe this.
Your working hours will traumatize you if you don’t take a good sleep a night before. If you want to make the most of your day, it would be great if you make the most of your morning by waking up early. Sleep better to work even better the following day-all in the spirit of a good work-life balance.

Mental health:

1. Take a day off:

It is always better to stop for a moment, think ALOUD, and know what is happening around. If you are getting anxious because of too much work, you can take a day off.however, I would suggest you not to waste your day in the same old activities-watching Netflix, eating out, and sleeping.
Instead, make your day count. Walk in the bliss of nature and recollect your thoughts. Slightly plan ahead and write your feelings down, another therapeutic activity is to cook yourself something’s that you are fond of.

2. Take a sabbatical from social media on the weekends:

Your life shouldn’t end up in a rat race. You should know how to make “ACTUAL MOMENTS” rather than living for social media stories. In fact, we all get in to the toxic habit of scrolling instagram and other feeds endlessly which is all just a waste of time and it makes us compare our lives with others.
Instead, spend your entire weekend with your friends and family-go out for a long drive, take your picnic baskets along, and soak in some sunlight to feel better than ever.

3. Do it piece-by-piece:

Having to do everything’s without blinking eyes is going to do nothing but stress you up even more. The best idea is to divide your task and aim to complete in pieces. This will create little milestones in your entire planner and will also relax your mind a little.basically; a 9 to 5 job can create a lot of overwhelmingness which in turn destroys your mental as well as physical well being.
Moreover, you can take short breaks after completing every piece of work that you had planned to do-this will just make your work easier and will unburden your mind.

1. Make an effort to look good so you feel good.
2. Find time for YOURSELF.
3. Meditate in the morning.
These are the some rule you have just following then you see result is make happily.
                                                                                                                      ER.Swarupananda sahoo

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  1. Nice. But sometimes , it's difficult to maintain such good habits and follow them point wise.

    Found this post on your LinkedIn profile.

    All the best.
    Rohit Khandare.


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