Education is most requirement to anybody because the lack of education create a big problem in our society. The learned people always be happy and some creates a newidea. So education is necessary to all of them. Given below top 9 benefits and extremely important of educations. Let start………

1-For a stable life and mostly happiness.
Educations is word that creates a good environment by listening. It gives us everythings.due to education all the people in the world are getting smartness and educated because an education is taking you to a point. You know everything’s, so you feel good about your self. This is because your mind is always light and you can do everything’s right. Education always brings happiness and with you family and society, you feel happy after looking at your best. You don’t wander in the world anytime because you have the proper knowledge. Your life style is always stable.

2-Proper Equality.
Education gives you the respect way in society and any where. Due to education you emerge like a Goodman in society. The kind of people in the society who look at you with a good look always look at you. They don’t have any big to show you down. This is happening for all reason because you have all kinds of education. You can always handle every type of situations of society for that you always respect it. Because all this happening due to education. Society doesn’t let you down in front of any one and where you are also working, your friend also sees you with a good look. Due to education, you have a commonality or equality in society and in the country.

3-Create you self Dependent.
It has become very necessary in this world and the society that it has its own status. Because in today’s era someone has to be dependent on the performance of the dastardly in front of the society. So far the family members always show themselves in different way. The only things that can show us the way to getting salvation from all this is educations. If you get good education in life, then by growing up. You can become something’s from your own self and then do some job or getting money. That is why it is important that you have studied at least as little as possible. Suppose in the future if no job is found then will not sit because we have knowledge. so he same line we can start a business that’s why education is always important for us.

4-For economic Growth of the nation.
Education takes the vital role to strengthen the system of our country’s  economy. Before a few years our economical systems of our country was not completely right. Because those were not so worried about education in the few years ago due to the very low reading. Most people couldn’t work any where. The reason for this is that employment was also decreasing. According to the government the income was low or higher was expenditure at that time. They did not even have any business due to lack of educations. They kept doing farming on their land only that’s why the less they should have been less was not getting income. But the system of today’s economy is fine because these people have understood everything’s right now. Right now our country has become a digital india.all the people have been working on growing up to some extent by doing something’s or doing some work. Now education plays important role in this era, so the country’s economical systems is very strong.

5-Poverty Reductions.
Poverty problem is very difficult for any country. a few years ago our country was also struggling in a situation still struggling somewhere but just a little less. Poverty reductions stands out as a major problem all of the country even the government has tried very hard on this direction but poverty is not being reduced because according to the population of our country, it is not so much work. There is no educated person for everyone who works. if you go with the whole staststic,the must of our youth in our country are more in number in the same way some work and some are just sitting down because they are not educated. if more unemployment problem will increase then the country will be so poor. The government has also opened a lot of skill development, some of them are doing nothing and doing nothing. that’s why our economic systems has its full impact on the system of policy. That is why I want to tell the media of educations all together and provide some information about it. So we all should say that poverty should be removed and not the poor.

6-Health Benefit.
Health is a priceless asset. People say that the body is good then everything is good. It means to say that if your body is not healthy then we will have a different kind of disease, then our health will be bad again and again. We would not like to do somework.nowdays there are many people that don’t attention to their health.alonge with him, his family also over looked. They don’t even cure their illness. They understand that what will this disease do to us, will it be right for you? But they don’t know that the disease will not go without treatment but it will grow faster. Because he doesn’t know anything’s about it. Because he is not a learned man, therefore instead of going to the doctor, own therapy is apply.finally,the disease goes ti its last stage. If there is a learned man then he will not have anything’s because he knows very well everything about the disease. why he will first go to the doctor. Through educations, all of you can knows this and your life can live without a disease. so education is most necessary to all above case.

7-Reduces Child Marriage.
Child marriage-in some cases involving girls as young as always results in the end of a girl schooling educated girl typically marry letter, when they are better able to bear and care for their children. Child marriages were a practice of weddings that the government now stopped the practice. There is still view of children’s marriage in the date of some people. In the same period ,when the girl gets age 9 yr she gets married. Today according to some  peoples thinking the girl does not wait till maturity. When the girl will be 14 to 15 yr age, she takes it to get her married, but it is wrong with the view of Indian law ,therefore punishment is also kept ready. Children marriage has a deep impact on the mindset of the girl .she does not understand any thing. Her health has a negative effect. She cannot do this by doing what his mind needs to grow that’s why we should try to keep away from this thing. By doing so the women will get sometimes and creatively idea thinking for society or country.  

8-Decrease Crime.
Everyday crime is happening in our society. it is seen hear that those who are not educated, they don’t understand anything’s then they are doing more crime. Even after all this these people are still committing crimes. For this our country’s law and order system is very strong, but these people don’t for anyone because they are not a educated or learned man. What do they not even think of the themselves about their own family? Crime is a mentality disease.inorder to stop crime always in our society they will have to give primary educations and then they will have to tell a little about it. Even to day many educated people are crime. Hear it is necessary to teach something’s more in exchange for the educated. How do you have to be behave in a manner consistent with your temper in every situation.donot be provoked, you have to solve the problem and you have to teach something’s like this by doing so, the crime will be slightly reduced. You remember that, educations and your mind stable psychology most necessary for the situations.

9-Time Management and Money  Management.
The major thing in the world is that the person who did not understand well at the time and did not go according to the time, the man would be ruined or destroyed why as big as he is rich. He will have to learn how to use the rupee with him or else he will have to lose gradually whatever the rupee has. You must know as a not a educated man can never become a big man by going in to the future. The reason is that there is nit good way to know about time knowledge. so education is mostly necessary to any people who live in society.

                                                                         ER.Swarupananda sahoo

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