7-Step-How to Awaken the woman power

To celebrate, an international day of the girl child on oct.11.the women is very important in our society. Some women address such women as mother, goddess, sister and obey them. Women come in the form of first mother in our lives.overtime; women come in our lives in many other ways too. For centuries women have a different feeling in our heart and mind. You see it is difficult to live in this world without women. They gives of something’s in some form or whatever comes in our life. Life without women is nothing. For us, the women gives donations to her whole life. In return she only gets some respect and nothing but we have to do something’s for them. Just by giving them time and protecting them, power will not be awakened in their society.therefore; there are some ways to make them a prestigious in the society which they can get an identity. Firstly some points to given that to awaken for woman:-
1-Provide the educations properly
2- Provide the good health properly.
3- Improve socio economic growth.
4- Increase involvement in political process.
5- Decrease domestic & sexual violence.
6-Women rights and Individual rights.
7- Decrease child Marriage.

Provide the educations properly.
About 57 million children around the world are not going to school. The report said children still battling to go to school. Find that 95% of the 29 million children not getting a primary school. There is still some restriction on education in our way.
Only boys can read there. By doing so, it will awaken a little women power, but it will be forgotten by the swamps about the same tradition, that is why our first task is to give girls a chance to teach. If you get good education then she can grow up to some society.thats why you should try that they get good education. Now a days in every state and district, too many government education rituals are open and provide free education. What will happen by taking good education? First of all, their behavior will be born with a mind-boggling attitude and they can give their life a direction in a good way to further the society a power will be awakened in them. In today’s time, whoever strongly hates to teach in the village we all have to eradicate this hatred Understanding them in a good way, they have to make a partnership in the beginning of the society. The government is also doing a lot of such work.
Provide the good health properly.
Today is seeing that more girls than boys are struggling in this matter. You know that many problems of girls are for health. As the good food does not cause up- to-the-spot diseases irregularity monthly hemorrhage: weaknesses by not getting good proteins etc.if his health repeatedly gets worse then she cannot be good at all times due to him not good for doing any work and the main reason that due to their studies many problem will arise that’s why you have to think about their health first. It will have to pay at any times to how good their health will be. The government also brings a lot of new health mission and provides health care for free now days.

Improve socio economic growth.
Educated women have a greater chance of escaping poverly, leading healthier and more productive lives and raising for their children, familys and society. There was a ritual in this world that your background should be fine. In case of women a little weak appears. But the problem is probably over now. Because the women has just found her income source by working herself, she has some money and herself for the familys.which proves help full in their future that’s why women can give new direction to this world by working as women as possible. Now a days a lot of earning media is coming out from society. In the same way the contribution of women is very important. We should also help them in every direction. Our government also makes a lot of efforts to take them forward in the society help through the new scheme. By doing so the system of society and the countries economy will be strengthened. The women should encourage all in this directions.

Increase involvement in political process.
Educated women are more likely to participate in political discussions, meetings and decision-making which in turn promotes. a more representative or create a good government or create a new ambitions of society. In our society and in the country you will know that politics is such a major that everybody wants that sometimes it will be on politics and can do something’s for the country and also society. There is a thought in our mind that such a man can only protect our country by politics. We think that women should also come in politics and women should be encouraged to show them something’s to do. Right now 12%to 18% women in our country are active in politics. we must increase this statistic. Because the women is very sensible and tolerant. They do all the works with endurance. Their thinking is kind of inspirational for society. To do this we will have to reconcile women power in this politics and their help will increase. this is a good medium and way to show something’s for the women. By the same way she can do something for the society and the country. It is our thinking.

Decrease domestic & sexual violence.
Educated girls and women are less likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence or to tolerate it in their familes.this is a big problem in the life of women. Even after being read and written, in their in-laws and family, they force them somewhere. As domestic violence gives tremendous physical contact and mentally torture. Even after so much, the women does not speak to any one for any kind of help. In this own inwardly she suppresses everything. Doing all this has a profound impact on his mind. She cannot do any things that’s why we should see that all these problems should never come over them. We should support them as much as possible and help them take them forward. Such slimy acts should never be done. By doing so his confidence will increase and she can do somethings.for the society going forward. We must reassure them that there is no inconvenience going forward with you, we will all be with you.
Women rights or individual rights.
If you talk about authority, then most women are behind them.everytime in our mind ,one things that there is inconvenience in every way of the world and we can only solve the problems of our family and no one else. We think that this not  the case with women. Now if any village meeting is happening in this society ,it is  a wrong things for women come in the same way,because women are mainly house wife. Any decision making as not as possible for women. But this is misconception that all those people are thinking. It was a time when the women was hiding in her courtyard. But today there are many women in this world that have become the prime minister of the country. We should listen to them and trust them. Women is also like us,she is not from any other world. They have brain like us, they have brain too. We should try that their rights in the society remain intact forever. Like your self can take your own decision. Their ability to think should be taken ahead of us. By doing so a good thought in their mind can be born to understand that’s why we should help the women to get their rights from them. Now a day there is hardly anything happening in this society because the government is doing all this issue right from its side.

Decrease child Marriage.
Child marriage-in some cases involving girls as young as always results in the end of a girl schooling educated girl typically marry letter, when they are better able to bear and care for their children. Child marriages were a practice of weddings that the government now stopped the practice. There is still view of children’s marriage in the date of some people. In the same period ,when the girl gets age 9 yr she gets married. Today according to some  peoples thinking the girl does not wait till maturity. When the girl will be 14 to 15 yr age, she takes it to get her married, but it is wrong with the view of Indian law ,therefore punishment is also kept ready. Children marriage has a deep impact on the mindset of the girl .she does not understand any thing. Her health has a negative effect. She cannot do this by doing what his mind needs to grow that’s why we should try to keep away from this thing. By doing so the women will get sometimes and creatively idea thinking for society or country.   
That’s the some fact about our society so just change to try to idea and creative proposal to people and save women .
                                                                         ER.Swarupananda sahoo
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