5-Step -Psychlogycal-facts about Womens

dont trust to any one

Women are highly respected on our society. Without women this society is incomplete because women have peaceful atmosphere list in the society in our lives. Women come in many forms and make our life better. Like a mother, sister,wife and friend etc. but understanding them is a difficult thing. No one in the world has ever understood why her husband is not. Cannot you catch what’s going on their mind? It is very good in front of the world but their mentality is a kind of calculation and you cannot understand as much efforts as you try to solve this calculations. There are so many things that’s I will tell you gradually. They have their own law which no magistrate can give opinion. So let start to some interestinsting psychological facts about female.
1- Don’t trust any one
2- Look at any one with suspicion.
3- Blind love much above your child.
4- To make your appearance beautiful, you can go to any extent.
5- Women use silence to express pain. 

Don’t trust any one
Women are very smart. They don’t trust anyone so quickly than men. What ever you try as much as you are lured you will make every time a liar. Anyone who has a relationship with you. You see, in one things she doesn’t listen at the same time you will be talking to them on such a thing that instead of understanding them you will get a little confused believe that women will not believe ,then living in this world will be difficult one. But before she trust she will investigate you will and understand it properly. How are doing? If you are not lying, then such a way? In this work they will take that time and then in the end you will obey.

Look at any one with suspicion.
You know very well, in the same case women take first place because everybody looks at their eyes t everyglance.his doubts has been in this quantity that I see his family has deteriorated. This special reveals too much suspicion her husband. It is not that they don’t doubt any relationship like the mother on her son,sister-inlaw on her brother ,girl friend her boy friend is up but in this fight, the more married couple are suffer. The wife always expresses suspicion about whatever work she has on her husband. Now days it has happened that women think about their husband in any time. Husband mobile is not felt then she understands that my husbands combination is calling the other girl and may be gone to the girl. At the same time their doubts are still on their mind. If coming from the office will be little delayed then all the questions will be imposed on the husband. understand that in a function and marriage you will be enjoying it, they are always enjoying their eyes in their midst will always be on their husband. Because she is always scared that it his husband probably went to meet someone and there is no girl then it is okay to do the doubt It is okay to handle your husband do not do so much. So that any trouble can arise 

Blind love much above your child.
As much as the mother in this world first loves her baby more. There is no problem on them before the mother is short out. They are very worried about their child. He always sees how healthy his child is. She loves the child so much that you see who ever is in trouble, then first go and tell his mother .love you child so much that any one who has said something’s in error, then you see how mother angry on them. Because you will not let any problem happen to children. Even if the family also says somethingswronge,they don’t even leave the them I will become so blind  in the love of my children so that he will not see anything’s .because of that the children will take advantage of their wrongs. Even if they tell any truth about them then I will call them false. I say love your child as well as teach them discipline as well. If don’t do this then this child will be very disturbed in the future.

To make your appearance beautiful, you can go to any extent.
You know women are far ahead in this case. Their looks and décor is one of their specialists. For these things they are always worried. Always cheered and reached the jewelery,saries and other cosmetic that ran away under any cirecumstances,they need all this  ttuff.the décor is to see that some other women are coming in front of them and they are coming out of their way ,then their mind will also move towards it and time tries to see how best she will look.suppose everything’s will probably not be with them, then by force with their husbands, that unless the husbands is buying this stuff don’t talk to him. Regarding this they always fight in the husband. They forget to eat food. In this case she doesn’t think of the inconvenience of husband. What happens then that she doesn’t talk to her husband?

Women use silence to express pain.
70% of the women in this world don’t give their pain to anyone. Because their thinking and heart are very strong than man. God gives them a certain kind of powar.whatever happens no one knows their pain. They talk all this pain medication in their own inside. even don’t share anything’s with her husband but by doing so every time pressure will increase on them. She has not show up his pain in front them. He will be very inconvenienced in the future. Now day’s women have little work in this matter because they are all slowly discovering.
                             In their mind, we have nothing to do with them. Even then I say this society is incomplete without women treys why we want to respect them.  
                                                                                             ER.Swarupananda sahoo   
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