14-step-fit-without going to a gym

Keeping good health is the biggest problem for us. because we do not get time every day. We do not care properly how well we care for our health in the work cycle but it is matter of great difficulty for us. Who does not want her 56- inch wide chest to turn in to the market? To do all this, you have to go to the gym.nowdays where people have time they would like to go to the gym. Anyone who wants to go to the gym not have a sufficient money. that’s why I am telling you such a 14-step hear that you can do all this work without having a gym and keep your body is fit. You also do in your home or around it.

1-Need to skipping.
 Standing in a single place means jumping is not only a game of childhood but also a fantastic exercise and the rope is the best option to jump. This is very easy exercise to reduce calorie and keep the less strong there is no need to go anywhere for this.

2-Jogging at the same place.
There is no such excuse that jogging is not available or there is no park out side. You will see yourself jogging at one place in the house it self, in your own body.

3-Foot exercises.
Cycling is good exercise for reducing thighs and feet but it you don’t have bicycle, then don’t worry about it. Rolling on the back of the feet and moving in the air of feet. Workout at 10 to 20 minutes a day is enough for you too.

4-Keep the body and mind fit from the yoga.
The benefits of yoga are not hidden from anyone today. Yoga has done a better and better solution than to keep yourself fit and put you mind in the right place. You will be physically fit with yoga but will also be refreshed throughout the day.

5-Do dance practice.
If you are a dance then leave everything’s and starts mixing rhythm with rhythm. If you are a dancer you will always be able to help reduce your calorie intake.

6-Are used to roam around.
With just 1 hour of around you can born your calories in good quantity daily. In addition to walking around in the morning, if you start walking on foot instead of driving for small things in your house, then fat is only incident.

7-Roof steps and landed.
Cardio is also important for making body. For this you climb up and down the staircase steps. You have to do this in 4 steps of 8 round. If it is difficult for you to climb the stair, then you have to climb the wooden pails and also up-down the height of the box.

8-Tire workout.
If you can arrange a tractor, truck tire from anywhere then it is good. You can move the tire from one place to another place. One has to stand up and turn it upside down. If you want, you can hit the tire with a heavy hammer. This will leave much sweat out of your body. Not much hear will be better, but also the muscles of so strong and strength.

9-Few minutes to perfect,4 basic exercise.
Take some time to really the high plank, the body weight squat, the push-up, the reverse lunge and the skipping. These are the 4 exercise can to fit you anytime’s am not a details to describe that because you know very well. Just keep in your mind and daily try it.

10-Create your own boot camp.
Boot camp-style are a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love a challenge? You can create your own by doing strength and cardio exercise at home or out of any park but need a good pair of shoes.try this exercise-lunges,highknees,push-up,dips,sit-ups etc.do each exercise 1 to 2 minute(as your capability)rest in between, exercise needed. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

11-Morning walking of your city.
You have to just walking in daily 1 to 2 killomeater.it continuous workout. Then you see how your body any time fit and fine. Your mind is also refreash.just keep doing.

12-Get your hands on some basic fitness equipment.
Light dumbbells, a stability ball and jump rope can all be used for a great home work out. It you cannot afford this equipment, as a family if they have any workout equipment lying around that they are not using.

13-Join sport team.
If you don’t want to go to the gym but you still want group, look for a local sport association. Many areas have team for any kind of sport from soccer and basket ball, badminton also any indoor game and even quidditich.cheak with you local sport center and join now.

14-Drink excessive amount of water.
We know that no one can survive in this world without water. Due to not drinking enough water, there  is a lot of trouble in a body. By not drinking water our body is not refreash.drinking excessively water leads to a lot of sweating from our body. This reduces fat over our body. Along with that, a lot of calories are also produced. Thats why we should drink 5 to 6 liters of water every day. Drinking more than drinking water always keeps the skin beautiful. 

                                                                                  ER.Swarupananda sahoo

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