10-step-how- can- taking- a- good- decision?

Friends we all have to take a decision in the life. This decision gives our life a directions. Right decision takes us from the earth to the sky and take the wrong decision from the sky to earth. Lord shire Krishna has given some tips and lessons to take decision in shire bhagawat geeta. Some people may be think bhagawat geeta only according to a religious book. But the  truth is that there is such a book in shirr bhagawat geeta that can give the right direction of your life. I also believed that this bhagawat geeta is a simple book. In this I will only tell you what will be helpful in taking good decision in your life. It is believed that the story told 5000 years ago is still true. Before you I tell this, please don’t compare me with someone less, because am not a great person. So just speak about this, its my experience. Many more people have talked a lot about this subject and they have something’s to say about their own. If something’s is wrong then forgive me, then how can we help by taking a decision from bhagawat geeta?

1-Feeling are temporary, never take decision on the basic of your feelings.

First off all I ask a question. If you find one things nice and one thing looks very bad, then what would you like? I can say with the claim that the answer to most people will be the thing which is good looking people choose him. In the Mahabharata, arjun did not want to fight the war because arjun was afraid of losing his cussion, teacher or our family but shire Krishna told arjun the way to fight the war. We never have to take any decision on our own feeling because the filling is a temporary thing. The one that you feel good is not necessarily right.

2-Avoid decision when in extremes emotions.

In the 6 chapter of the shimmed bhagawat geeta, lord Krishna says that it is time to balances his mind. That’s why you don’t take any important decision when you have very happy and more unhappy. More happy, fun and more sad, decision is proven to be wrong. You must have seen it often when people are very happy, you give them demand for anything and they give it and when people become very un happy or sad, they are doing something’s wrong with it. You ask them anything’s and take them too bad. More sadness and more happy always come apart from some normal in our mind. In such a way, we may have to repent or take on a time or more sorrow and more misery.

3-Ask yourself am I taking this decision in anger or attachment.

Before taking any decision I wonder whether this decision is not being taken in anger or temptation. By temptation it means that it is my son, then more emotional for him or do we have to take decision on a much sad time, or do we have to repent.

4-Am I focusing only on the results?

If you read in to shire bhagawat geeta then a word has been repeatedly repeated in it. That is the untiring things do not worry about the fruits of a action. This is the sign of the real workmanship. Do you think you did not get the results it when you left it. you went in the morning walk for a few days but when your weight was not lost then you left it? So remember when taking a decision do your own work, remembering the result is not good enough to worry. You work hard to do the fruit is not in your hands but the work is in your hands. Who works whole heartedly with all his heart, surely he will get successes.

5-Whatever is done without faith is useless?

Friends, the 28 stanza of 17 chapter of shire bhagawat geeta is a very lovely lines. It has been said that whatever we do without faith is all useless. So before taking any decision I think that I feel right. I can believe strongly that in the sameway.the believe and faith are two pillar without which your decision is lame. Therefore after a while you will not be able to remain in the same position. So take a realistic decision and believe in yourself and on god.

6-Keep your goals high.

Let’s see the chapter 3 of the bhagawat geeta,whateve action great man you take, the common man follows him. Just think, why do we believe lord Krishna as lord? Because there is a lot of difference between their work and a person work. in finally say that lord Krishna put his standard goal above the goal of a common man. that’s why all the world warship them.therfore taking a decision think that, I have not kept my goals very little, which will do archive immideatly.make decision only by increasing your goals and thinking.

7-What is good for the society is good for you.

Friends, lord Krishna has said in chapter 3, that whatever is not good for society and all people, it cannot be good for you. If you feel that doing one thing will be better for you but doing this work will harm others? Donot decide to do that work.

8-Trust in the lord.

Friends, in the 6 chapter of bhagawat geeta, lord shire Krishna has said this very clearly that whatever the person who believe in a god is always happiness, believe in god and thank god in times of making any necessary decision.

9-Right counseling can lead better decision.

Guys, arjun himself was also know ledgeable, but in the time of confusion, he had a problem with discuss his friend lord Krishna, donot even keep your problem in your mind. If there is any problem in your life who is wise, clever, you must definitely discus your problem with that. For a student this person can be teacher, friend and a parent. remember that the right counseling helps in taking the right decision.

10-Read Shiree Bhagawat Geeta.

I suggest you please you have read the seemed bhagawat geeta then you will be results soon. Any kind of decision making own knowledge.

·        ER.Swarupananda sahoo
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