Man is a social creature. There is a lot of work in this world. Whatever work you do, less work is done. Man should think that he is born on earth then if god want has some work on earth for him. But what happens when man comes to the earth, then he doesn’t understand anything’s for a few days or a few years. He likes to raise his father and mother in a good way. He gradually grows up and studies, then after the end of the study, it seems to me how to find a job. in the same round. One day finds ones heart-searching job. Thinking about the job of your job and the fathers’ mother. In a good way then it becomes very disturbed by thinking about marriage. it takes a few days to get married again.

After passing the time, His own child also becomes. His consciousness doesn’t know anything’s about man. in the joy of being born a child gives every kinds of happiness to man. He cannot imagine what to do next, slowly he spends time. That is the reason why he cannot do anything’s for the society and also around the world. Mean to say that god created you because you can do something’s in the world.

 then whoever you are troubled then you think only about yourself and your family.
That is why in the Gita, lord Shri Krishna told Arjun that man should think about himself on the earth and at the same time he should think about society because society and the people around you encourage you to be a good man in the right way. you become a good man, due to that you can make yourself an identity in the world or society and give you all the respect.thats why you should do something’s for some society.

There are so many people in the society. Some of them are good and some are bad.Thats why you just behave well with the good people. Apart from this you encourage the bad people then to be good in the society. After some days some people will contribute to the good work of understanding. There is a lot of work in the society too. As you become a sensible person, you can do all this work by putting your mind on it. You will have to work a bit to build a good society. This will make you feel a little better and whether your consciences are condemned to you or not. You will able to keep your life even in front of your family or society and they will feel proud about you. Such is the life of a man.
All human beings should do whatever is possible to improve their society and the country. All humans must come forward to show a good ways to take society forward and give the right directions. Many such souls were born in our society and in the world. That their names are still taken everywhere. Just example in Nation of father Mahatma Gandhi,Sri Jawaharlal Nehur,Dr B.R. ambedkar,And in odisha, Utkal mani gopabandhu das,madhusudan das,fakir mohan senapati,jai raj guru, or Sri Biju pattnaik.Such and many people are all these great souls have gone through such work that even today people consider them with fullest respect. They are seen as an example.

To be good in this kalyug,you will have to improve society first. There will be some work to do that you can get an introduction to a good man in the eyes of the society. You give such encouragement that the society should do some things good and people will take it together with you. When your old age comes then your new generations will give you have respect and by keeping an eye on what you have done. You will consider them as in inspiring when you leave this world, you will think in the same time that yes, I am going to do Something’s. you will able to leave this world with ease. The difference between you will feel like the soul.
                                                          Written by-ER.Swarupananda sahoo

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