Mans thinking is not a fairy imagination.
 he works on the basis of what he thinks but that doesn’t work in the right way because the person who thinks in the right way doesn’t permit the soul. Then forced to do the right thing. at the end everything’s goes wrong. hear man should understand that first control your mind, don’t think of doing the same work ten times not once. after that, discus with one of your relatives or any identifier combine his decision and his own decision then take a good make a decision. doing so some work can be done in the right way.

                                                                       The brain is like a horse before it needs to be rainforced.some people are saying how we restrain our mind. tell us something’s. There is a lot of entrepreneurship in mind. first you sit in some times or alone. at the time of sitting alone nothing should come inside the mind. After that do some yoga, exercise and meditation. After doing such a few days, see how your brain works properly. This is how you feel like doing all the work by doing daily.

You can also give yourself about anythings.that works will also be perfect. if your mind is in your hand then nothing can bother you. in front of world you will be always perfect. With concentration you will be able to take full care of your family. Apart from this, your society will give you a nice response.thats why you should try that your mind should work well. According to him your world is gone. By controlling the mind, your body will always be fit. Will you always control your thoughts you will never feel tired any time. likewise happiness in your life will come. If you are happy then your family will remain happy. Apart from that, society will learn something’s from you. All this is a human education.
                                                                  Written by-ER.Swarupananda sahoo
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